Why Choose CCA?

Chandler Christian Academy’s ultimate goal is to educate and develop the whole person for the glory of God and help each student discover how to serve God with their gifts.

One only needs to watch or read the news to know that society has placed a great strain on our families. Divorce, drugs, addiction, stress, financial strain, and other pressures are taking a heavy toll on our community and on the foundations of the family structure. Christian families are not immune to the erosion of values and standards that undermine our society affecting children, parents, and the community.

At Chandler Christian Academy, we believe we can make a difference as we partner with parents in the educating and training of their children. CCA is a community where an excellent faculty and staff have committed their lives to educating each young person to reach their greatest potential

Please consider the value of Christian education.

Chandler Christian Academy strives to embody all the best reasons for sending your child to a Christian school:

  • Individual attention
  • Education of the whole person
  • Rigorous academics
  • Christian values
  • Caring teachers
  • Safe environment
  • Supportive community