Support CCA

As a non-denominational, independent school with many churches represented by our more than one hundred students, we do not have the luxury of any particular church sponsorship for supplemental funding. Therefore, we rely heavily on people like you to help meet our funding gaps.

Meeting the financial needs to provide parents the opportunity to partner with Chandler Christian Academy is an on-going challenge. In an ever changing society, the challenges facing parents desiring to educate their children in a Christ-centered environment is difficult. Chandler Christian Academy partners with parents to provide an education consistent with biblical truth in a Christian environment. 

Tuition revenue alone does not cover the financial demands. Our school is dependent on financial gifts and support to meet the vital needs of the students. Gifts to CCA allow each student the opportunity to fully develop their God-given talents and potential from a Christian education perspective.

Having already been blessed for many years, we understand that giving comes from the heart. We hope you will find an area of Chandler Christian Academy that touches your heart and ask that you prayerfully consider giving to support the children and the Christian education that we provide to students each year.

here are many opportunities to give of your time, talents and resources at CCA. One family may have the means to give generously of their finances, while another is called to contribute their time and talents. In either case, each family is making a significant contribution to the mission of the school and is helping us to provide an affordable, quality education.  We invite you to join us as we work together to pass the baton of Godly leadership and faithfulness to the next generation. Several opportunities are available through which individuals and families can help.

For more information, please contact our Administrator, Mrs. Ruth Zappe, at 480-899-9197 or