We believe each child has strengths in one or more areas. Chandler Christian Academy strives to provide an accelerated, well-rounded, academic program which enriches the following intelligences:

  1. Linguistic - verbal ability
  2. Logical - mathematical, numbers, patterns, reasoning
  3. Spatial - ability to think in vivid mental pictures
  4. Musical - natural rhythm and melody
  5. Bodily/Kinesthetic - ability in body movement or physical activity
  6. Interpersonal - ability of understanding and getting along with others
  7. Intrapersonal - ability of understanding oneself, enjoys reflection, time alone

We offer a strong phonics based reading program for grades K-3. For grades 4-5 the program is literature-based. Other core subjects include Math, Bible, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, and Language. CCA also offers Music, Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Library and Computer classes.

Emphasis is placed on the development of strong study habits and special projects. These are designed to teach skills necessary for life.

In order to maintain the high academic standards of Chandler Christian Academy, K-5 students are expected to maintain a grade average of at least 70% in core subjects. When the grade average falls below this standard, the student will be placed on a probationary status. Parents will be notified and a plan of action will be developed and implemented. A student may remain on probationary status for a 4 ½ week period of time after which the student will be expected to maintain the acceptable grade average of 70%. If the student falls below 70% in Reading, Math, or Language, parents will be notified to discuss possible retention.